Learning to Dance

Oliver and Chad were watching Singin’ in the Rain tonight, with popcorn and apples and cheese. I was sitting in the bedroom at the computer, willing something remotely blog-worthy to flow from my brain onto the screen and wondering why I ever thought I should start a blog, when I decided to take a break and put the clean sheets on Oliver’s bed. While I was walking upstairs, I heard the familiar Moses scene from the movie, when Gene Kelly & Donald O’Connor dance up a storm for three minutes. They’re incredible. I love that scene. I glanced into the living room and saw Oliver get up off the couch and join in with his own little dance in front of the tv.

I love Oliver. I know he’s gifted in many ways. But he doesn’t dance like Gene Kelly. He hops around, and falls a lot, on purpose. It’s a little like a one-man mosh pit, to tell the truth. This didn’t stop him from getting up off the couch and doing his own thing. The dancers in the movie were so good at what they did, making it look effortless and fun, they inspired him to dance.

I continued up the steps, thinking about how this applies to my blog, or my…anything, really. I see so many fantastic bloggers, singers, mothers, photographers, and I have two choices: I can sit on the couch and feel schlempy, or I can be inspired to blog, sing, to mother well, to photograph more. I may just hop around and fall a lot, but I wonder if I do that long enough, it might amount to something, maybe even my own unique style? And maybe I’ll inspire someone else to be the person God made them to be, if I do what I can with what I have been given. With the unreliable phone internet and the interruptions, with the fears and the weaknesses. Even if I’m weak but willing, God says, “Okay, we can work with that.” I can be Mighty Violet after all: mighty in the strength of his might, and in his unique plan for my life.

What have you been watching from the couch? Want to join in, hop around, fall on purpose? I promise I won’t laugh or point, and I promise you won’t be alone out there.

Much love.

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5 thoughts on “Learning to Dance

  1. You inspire me.

    But honestly, I couldn’t promise not to laugh – I would giggle and eyes would squint while hand covers mouth and head bends down – eyes peaking through tangled hair.



    Spin till dizzy.

  2. Time for true confessions…I wanted to blog after reading your blog. There.

    I know you aren’t perfect…me neither. And, we probably don’t write so good sometimes. But, don’t you just LOVE Jesus?! And don’t you just want to help somebody, anybody…even just one person…remember, realize how crazy in love He is with all of us?

    yeah. That’s a good enough reason for me. And, it was what I read even in your old blog–a hundred million posts and babies and haircuts ago. You just want to tell His story in the only way you can. that’s more than good enough:)

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