Nervous Homeschooling Thoughts

I’m getting ready to homeschool Oliver in the fall.  I’ve been saying we’re going to start for a while, but I like to ease into these things, you know.

I feel nervous about showing up every day; what if I fall into depression and can’t muster the energy to facilitate and teach? I feel overwhelmed with all of the choices and what if I buy something we hate? I feel worried that his education is going to be totally lopsided, favoring language and art and beautiful things but completely weak in history and nonexistent in science…because science? Doesn’t interest me.

Oliver is really mechanical. Lego diagrams look like religious pamphlets from another planet to me. How can I help him learn in this area?

I think it’s the Official Start thing that has me most concerned. We learn every day here– it’s not like he’s been sitting around watching tv and eating cereal for the past six years and I’m going to roll him off the couch in August and say, “Okay Oliver! Time to start your Education!” It’s the planning and prepping, the organized learning, the accountability– that’s the new part.

I’ve had a list of goals for my son’s education listed out for several years, since he was an infant. I revisit them and tweak them periodically. I just don’t know how achieving these goals is going to look on a daily basis. I guess we’ll work it out as we go along, like marriage.  I think we’ve probably been working it out along, since the very beginning.


But I’m still nervous.



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8 thoughts on “Nervous Homeschooling Thoughts

  1. >> “I think we’ve probably been working it out along, since the very beginning.”

    and you’ve been teaching him history since the first time you read a bible story to him. oh, science? i am just amazed at how much science is right in your backyard!

    i would have like to be a kid and do all the things oliver is doing instead of sitting at a desk all day. i probably would have been smarter… and happier.
    such blessing and freedom.

    love this post! the pictures really speak a thousand words! xoxo

  2. I know exactly how you feel! Nice to know I’m not alone. There’s something about the official start to homeschool… that age when They tell you kids are supposed to be in traditional school. But more and more I’m learning towards unschooling, fostering a child’s natural curiosity and love of learning through every day life. I still feel like I need to do something officially academic, however. Good luck to you!

  3. I am not that far ahead of you in this realm, but I do have an almost 3rd grader on my hands. And here is the short version of what I learned that Kinder year. We tried “school” for 2 days and both ended up in a pool of tears. It was no good. Too forced. So I ordered a couple of child friendly field guides. That was our school that year. We devoured the Christian Liberty Nature Readers. And we read, read, read. I like the book lists on Simply Charlotte Mason. I guess what I learned through that is what you are hinting at here. The age for schooling is so arbitrary. And really, you will have so many years at formal education. This was really our first year to do math workbooks and the like. And they have both done just fine. Something else I learned? To offer myself the same grace and compassion I offer them. And to just add one new thing at a time. I tried to do a whole morning’s lesson our first day. It killed us! If you have any specific questions about anything- please email me!

  4. Whoa girl…you need to stop freaking out! :) And then come to the unschooling conference with me so you can see that YOU are not his teacher anyway, so there is nothing to worry about! He will learn. He will explore and discover and passionately live life all by himself. I think you need to DE-school yourself before you start anything!

    It’s easy! And fun! No need to stress. Lpve you. xxoo

  5. How can you help him with his Legos? By allowing him to play with them. If he has access to the Lego plans then he will figure out what to do easily enough on his own.
    Science? Just read books about animals that interest him. There is nothing in formal science that must be learned before high school and can be easily learned then rather then repeated for years without it clicking. He might even take interest in formal science before then. He is six. Read and play, he will learn.

  6. If it makes you feel more “normal,” this is year 5 for us, and I STILL wonder if I’m doing it “right.” But they’re learning. And so am I. And I LOVE that aspect of homeschooling so, so much! I think every year I tweak and stretch and try something new. I’m never afraid to toss something that isn’t working. Never afraid to try something new. Maybe don’t think of it as such a “formal” beginning…set a few goals for the Fall and see where it leads. I’m guessing as you learn and grow together, it will all fall into place.

    And science…I LOVE science so send him over:) You can teach one of my girls to sing and I’ll teach your boy some fun things about plants or animals or whatever we’re studying:)

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